Planning your destination wedding or elopement here in Whistler can be a daunting task. You only have so much time to plan, it’s difficult to interview Whistler wedding vendors in person because you’re six time zones away, and – a big question – which Whistler wedding vendors do you trust to do a great job? As a busy Whistler wedding celebrant, I get to work with so many amazing local wedding vendors and I can tell you straight away, we all love what we do. That said, some Whistler wedding vendors are going to be a better fit for your wedding and for your personal style than others.

So how do you meet them? Easy. Let me introduce you.

The core of your wedding vendor team includes wedding planner, venue, photography, hair & make-up, floral, and your Whistler wedding celebrant (contact me here). These Whistler wedding vendors are the ones to book out furthest in advance as the best local wedding vendors are busy and in high-demand.

Whistler Wedding Celebrant

My job as wedding celebrant is to invite you and your guests into the celebration of your love story, to walk you through the ceremony planning, rehearsal, and actual ceremony, and to create a vibe and atmosphere where you feel comfortable to really love your day!

My values are simple:

  1. Fine crafted & unique ceremonies that are meaningful, memorable, and celebrate your love story.
  2. To cheer for the healthy growth and maturity of your marriage energizing your relational vitality, intimacy, and oneness.
  3. Personal connection and exceptional service from start to finish.

Please email to arrange a time to talk about your Whistler wedding.

So you're getting married in Whistler! Congrats! Who are the best Whistler wedding vendors? There are many amazing Whistler wedding vendors, but who is right for your wedding? Let me introduce you to the best of the best in Whistler.

Whistler Wedding Planners

Hiring a Whistler wedding planner either for a full plan or day-of coordination is one of the best decisions destination couples can make. Local planners are organized, know the local wedding industry inside and out, they keep the wedding day timeline running smoothly, and they make life and wedding planning so much easier, i.e. less stressful.

Some local wedding planners specialize in elopements and others specialize in full-scale mega weddings while some planners do it all. The busy & successful planners are all very sharp administratively which, by the way, is the primary thing you should be looking for in a planner: efficient, organized administration. After that, choose your planner based on how well you connect with them personally (because you’ll be doing a lot of work together), and whose style fits you the best.

Email me for my personal wedding planner recommendations.

Whistler Wedding Photography

The images that come out of a Whistler wedding are nothing short of amazing! Choosing the right photographer for your wedding means having a good connection with the photographer (you invite them into some emotional moments) and making sure they have a solid portfolio, are highly referred, and they know spots around Whistler to get the best light and the best photos on your wedding day. Every photographer offers something a little different and unique; ask them what that is and then go from there.

I am happy to introduce you to photographers I know and trust to do a great job for you on your wedding day. All photos in this post provided by the Whistler Wedding Collective.

Whistler Wedding Hair & Make-Up

There is a real artistry to hair & make-up and bringing the right artist into your team of wedding vendors makes a difference to how well the wedding day feels. Some Whistler hair & make-up vendors are mobile and will come to your residence or accommodation while others would rather you join them in their studio.

A realistic note regarding hair & make-up: Whenever the wedding-day-timeline is jacked-up and late, it is usually the result of hair & make-up going too long. That said, there are a few really great local hair and make-up artists who do a fantastic job AND who keep the wedding timeline running smooth. These are the ones you want to work with, trust me!

Whistler Wedding Floral

Floral is a pretty big design piece of the wedding day and, as a result, florists work very closely with the wedding planner and stylist. There are four or five excellent florists in the area whose work I often see at weddings and I am happy to make some introductions for you. My best recommendation though is to ask your wedding planner who they prefer working with and ask them why they recommend that particular florist.

Top 10 Whistler Wedding Venue List

There are many amazing wedding venues in Whistler that fit every style and budget. I’ve listed my top 10 favourite Whistler wedding venues in alphabetical order. In addition to these popular venues, there are many amazing parks & outdoor spaces around the valley and in the mountains that make for incredible wedding and elopement venues. As well, there is a large number of Squamish & Pemberton wedding venues not listed here that are also amazing and I would be happy to recommend.

In Whistler, check out:

Other Whistler Wedding Vendors

Rounding out the core team of vendors are cake, catering, transportation, video, décor & styling, DJ and live entertainment, photo booth, and any specialty vendor you might need. I’ll give more insight into these in a future post, but in the meantime, you are welcome to email me directly to ask for my personal recommendations.

Whistler Wedding Celebrant Review by C&J:

It can be difficult to distinguish between truly great vendors and pretty good ones.

With that being said, we’re happy to report that Jeremy provides a truly exceptional wedding officiant experience. The combination of Jeremy’s genuine excitement about our marriage, his wise words, and overall professionalism was deeply appreciated by us and our guests. From our initial chats, where we got to know Jeremy, to him helping us plan the ceremony (stress-free with Jeremy’s help), Jeremy exceeded our expectations. The end result was a very meaningful ceremony for us and one that our guests really enjoyed.

We couldn’t recommend Jeremy more highly!

Contact Jeremy here.