I don’t remember exactly when I first met Whistler and Squamish wedding photographer Pascale Gadbois, but I do know I was immediately taken in by her warm heart, infectious smile, and professionalism. She is a very talented local wedding photographer whose work has been featured on Inside Edition, ABC News, CBS, and Style Me Pretty.

Before her life as a professional photographer, Pascale was an elite level freestyle ski athlete on the Canadian National Team who travelled the world from competition to competition with camera in-hand. After completing photography school and working in a high-end Montreal photo studio, Pascale made the move back to the Sea-to-Sky region and has been living full time in Squamish since 2004.

I’m excited to introduce Pascale to you on the Whistler Wedding blog and I know you’ll enjoy getting to know her. Please find out more about Pascale on her website and follow Pascale on Instagram and Facebook. Enjoy the interview and scroll through the images below!

Squamish wedding Photographer Pascale Gadbois

Pascale, you’ve been a Sea-toSky wedding photographer for a long time but your photos never seem to get old or stale. How do you keep that creative edge towards your wedding photography? 

Can you believe I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary as a full time wedding photographer in the sea to sky corridor, crazy, right? I wish I could say this was the master plan all along and that creativity was something of a constant flow of mine, but far from it.

Early on I understood that wedding photography was a profession that was sacred. The success, creativity, relevancy of capturing a “wow” image is completely dependent on the trust and connection I have with my couple.

Now, more then ever, I find that my best work is created when I allow myself to be completely absorbed in the moment with my couple. This can be an intense emotional moment followed by the biggest laughter, it all has to do with being in sync with my couple and allowing myself to trust my instinct and just sit in this grateful moment.

Creativity comes naturally in these moments and what’s great is that with years of experience recognizing these moments I have come to be able to capture them on camera. I find this a much more authentic approach for me and my photography.

Squamish wedding Photographer Pascale Gadbois

What makes a Sea-to-Sky wedding special and unique? Or, why should couple’s consider gettin’ hitched in Squamish or Whistler? 

Whistler and the Sea to Sky corridor are, quite simply, unique. It truly is the best place on earth. I used to compete internationally in freestyle skiing and I travelled to gorgeous spots around the globe and, although there are some pretty amazing places, nothing offers the mountains, the water, the atmosphere, the friendliness, diversity and welcoming attitude I see in Whistler and Sea to Sky corridor.

I am so proud when couples discover it for the first time and rave about their experience. I always tell them that my rule is: If you get married here, you have to come back for every anniversary; and it never seems hard to convince them. We have so many different backdrops, easy access to jaw dropping terrain, and amazing food and service’s that aide in creating the full wedding experience.

Squamish wedding Photographer Pascale GadboisWho or what are your photo’s and work inspired by? 

Earlier on I would have named the likes of Ansell Adams, Leibovitz, and all of the Australian wedding photographers (those Aussies are so darn talented).

While I am constantly still browsing and discovering new talent, lately I am finding that it is my own couples who are providing the inspiration. Their stories of hardship or triumph, loss and love are stories of inspiration. My couples are so kind in their trust with me about their lives, their struggles, their inspiration, and their dreams.

On their wedding day, that’s what fuels me and inspires me. I am the person they have chosen to help them capture this precious moment in their life. I feel great pride and honour to be put in this role and be surrounded by their energy, that’s my inspiration at this stage in my life.

Squamish wedding Photographer Pascale GadboisWhat important piece’s of advice would you give to couple’s looking to hire a photographer to shoot their wedding?

When looking at hiring a Whistler or Squamish wedding photographer for your wedding day, consider these five pieces of advice:

  1. Ask your favourite venues which photographer they see working lots at their venue. A photographer that is well known to the venue of your choice and liked is probably a good first sign.
  2. Whistler and the Sea to Sky Corridor is renowned internationally and we have amazing talent locally for all your wedding needs, especially photography. Seek locally, the talent and expertize is here (not to mention the level of comfort a local photographer has with the local venues and the weather patterns). This is one of the best stress relief for my couples, knowing that no matter what the weather does, I will know where to take them for great images and that I have worked at most venues and have a good relationship with the various key people there.
  3. There is also a lot to be said by hiring a photographer that does weddings full time. The experience and value you will receive in return is one more step towards a successful wedding photography experience for you.
  4. Every photographer will have a little something that is unique about their services so don’t be afraid to ask, there are no silly questions. Seek for yourself what quality you are looking for, ask what is their process and what is the end result. We all operate a little differently and there is a perfect fit for you, do your homework in your interview process.
  5. Finally and more importantly, lead with your heart. Your mind will narrow down to the short list but go with your gut for your final decision. I am the only stranger at all of my weddings, I am often a part of the getting ready all the way until the first dance with the couple. It needs to feel right, it needs to feel like I’ve got your back and I am equally invested in capturing amazing moments of your celebration.

Squamish wedding Photographer Pascale Gadbois

Squamish wedding Photographer Pascale Gadbois

 Squamish Wedding Photograhper Review: Gadbois Photography

Christopher and I could not be more thankful that you were the one to capture our special day! We had no idea what to expect but our experience with you was so fun, lighthearted and genuine. We reflected on our time with you after the wedding, and realized that it was your enthusiasm, warmth and wonderful sense of humor that immediately put us at ease and let us be ourselves – it truly set the perfect tone for the rest of the day! My family and friends were equally impressed as the words “awesome” and “amazing” were used to describe you on more than a few occasions as our evening continued. We couldn’t agree more! 

 Thank you so much for not only taking beautiful photographs, but infusing so much joy and laughter along the way! You will certainly hold a special place in our hearts and wedding day memories 🙂 Thank You!!!

Liza + Christopher

For availability and more information, please contact Pascale directly here.