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Marriage coaching Whistler wedding officiant

Free Marriage Coaching Newsletter

As the Whistler wedding officiant, I love what I do…it’s maybe the most amazing job in the world. However, the more important and long-reaching work that I do is found in my marriage coaching! Whether I married you and your partner years ago or you are one of the couple’s I married last week, marriage coaching keep reading →

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So you're getting married in Whistler! Congrats! Who are the best Whistler wedding vendors? There are many amazing Whistler wedding vendors, but who is right for your wedding? Let me introduce you to the best of the best in Whistler.

Whistler Wedding Vendors List

Planning your destination wedding or elopement here in Whistler can be a daunting task. You only have so much time to plan, it’s difficult to interview Whistler wedding vendors in person because you’re six time zones away, and – a big question – which Whistler wedding vendors do you trust to do a great job? keep reading →

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Whistler Wedding Weather photo by Logan Swayze

Whistler Weddings: The Weather

Part of the magic of Whistler weddings is found in each of the distinct four seasons Whistler has to offer. Each season offers Whistler weddings something beautiful and unique and really sets the tone and atmosphere of how your wedding will feel. To help you in deciding when to get married in Whistler, I have brought keep reading →

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Whistler Wedding Video

Whistler Wedding Films: Highlighting Whistler Wedding Video

After this recent post highlighting why Whistler wedding video is so important, I received a number of inquires from soon-to-be-married couples asking for introductions to the best-of Whistler wedding filmers. Somebody always on my list of people to reccomend for Whistler wedding video is Aussie-born wedding film maker, Mel Fry of Whistler Wedding Films. Mel keep reading →

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Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography: Why You Should Have It (And 6 Things to Check Before Hiring a Videographer)

Wedding videography used to be pretty tacky, poorly done, and generally a bit annoying to have someone running around with a huge camera getting in the way. In recent years, all of that has changed, and the world of wedding videography has exploded onto the scene as a must have for wedding celebrations. Today, good keep reading →

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Getting Married in Whistler

Getting Married in Whistler? 6 Must Read Blogs

So you’re getting married in Whistler? That’s amazing, a huge congratulations to you! Getting married in Whistler or Pemberton means you are getting married in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. From luxury hotels to mountaintop or lakeside weddings or a Pemberton farm wedding, the beauty of the area as well as keep reading →

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Win a Whistler Wedding

Win A Whistler Wedding Worth $35,000!

Want to win a Whistler wedding worth $35,000? Then you’re in luck! Together with a huge list of generous local Whistler wedding vendors, we are offering the most amazing Whistler wedding package FREE to one lucky couple this February. One of the coolest things about this wedding give-a-way is the sheer number of really rad keep reading →

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sample wedding vows

5 Sample Wedding Vows To Start Your Vow Writing Process

One of the most common questions engaged couples ask me while we are doing the work of ceremony planning is, “Can you send us sample wedding vows?” Across the internet there is no shortage of sample wedding vows ranging from haiku to long, full-bodied wedding vows. The exchange of wedding vows is often the most keep reading →

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Whistler Elopement Officiant photo by Jeff Boyce

Whistler Wedding and Elopement Photographer Jeff Boyce

The first time I ever worked with Whistler wedding and elopement photographer Jeff Boyce of Photography Whistler, we were at Nita Lake Lodge doing a small wedding ceremony and Jeff was wearing sunglasses at night, indoors. “Strange,” I thought to myself, “But there must be a reasonably good explanation why anybody would wear sunglasses at keep reading →

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Whistler Wedding Officiants

Whistler Wedding Officiants And Your Whistler Wedding

As one of just a few Whistler wedding officiants who actually call Whistler home, it is an absolute honor and joy to share the beauty of our home with each couple who decides on a Whistler wedding. Whistler has so much beauty, so much in fact that it’s sometime hard to describe it with words. keep reading →

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