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Whistler Wedding Video

Whistler Wedding Films: Highlighting Whistler Wedding Video

After this recent post highlighting why Whistler wedding video is so important, I received a number of inquires from soon-to-be-married couples asking for introductions to the best-of Whistler wedding filmers. Somebody always on my list of people to reccomend for Whistler wedding video is Aussie-born wedding film maker, Mel Fry of Whistler Wedding Films. Mel keep reading →

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Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography: Why You Should Have It (And 6 Things to Check Before Hiring a Videographer)

Wedding videography used to be pretty tacky, poorly done, and generally a bit annoying to have someone running around with a huge camera getting in the way. In recent years, all of that has changed, and the world of wedding videography has exploded onto the scene as a must have for wedding celebrations. Today, good keep reading →

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Pemberton weddings.

Pemberton Weddings

Pemberton weddings are amazing and, with Pemberton being so close to Whistler, it is worthwhile to consider Pemberton as your mountain destination wedding. Watch this short video¬† to find out more or read the transcript below. Transcript of Pemberton weddings video: Hello everybody.¬† Jer Postal here from WhistlerWeddingPastor.com, hands-free of course, so not to worry. keep reading →

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