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Do I have to be a BC resident to get married in Whistler?

No, but you are required to obtain a BC Marriage License to be legally married in BC. Once the marriage license is purchased ($100) you have 3-months to get married. The minimum age for marriage in BC is 19 years-old but special consent can be obtained here. For those recently divorced, proof of legal divorce must be shown.

How do I purchase a BC Marriage License?

Only one member of the couple is required to apply in person for a BC marriage license. Click here for a list of BC Marriage License Issuers. You will need to provide proof of identity and age for both parties when applying for a marriage license, using primary identification: Birth Certificate, IMM/Immigration form, Permanent Resident or Citizenship card. These will confirm full legal names, birth date, and place of birth. If primary identification is unavailable, you may also use:
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Credit Card
For more information on requirement for getting married in BC, please visit this page.

Who Can Marry Us in British Columbia?

In BC you have a few options:
  • Marriage Commissioner You might know them as JP’s or Justice of the Peace, they can be found in nearly every community and they do many, many weddings. Regulated by the BC government, marriage commissioners often do multiple weddings every weekend and are lovely retired folk who are friendly but usually overbooked.
  • Officiate/Celebrant These are typically older or retired religious people who have retained their religious ordination and are, therefore, able to keep marrying people. No doubt these have married many people in their time!
  • Religious Organization Connected to a religious organization, these are Pastors, Priests, Rabbis, Imams and others who normally preside over the weddings of their local congregation.
In Whistler, we recognize that many who marry in Whistler are from a Christian tradition or family heritage but live in Washington, Texas, Ontario, or Vancouver and unable to have their local pastor marry them. If we can help you in celebrating your Whistler wedding, we’re here to help!